CACTUS partners



Provision of expert knowledge in European and national funded (research) projects, among others:

  • REPS – "Real Life Environment with Pilot State Monitoring Systems”, a CleanSky2 project funded by the European Union. The project team consists of TU Braunschweig (coordinator), DeepBlue Srl and CACTUSpartners. The objective is to bring Pilot State Monitoring devices into real aircraft cockpits.
  • ViCKI – "Virtueller Crewassistent - Kontextspezifische Unterstützung für Reduced Crew Operations", a LuFo VI-project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. CACTUS provides consulting services related to development, certification and transfer to operation of the envisaged technologies.
  • OPs-TIMAL – "Optimized processes for trajectory, maintenance and management of ressources and airline operations", a LuFo V-project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. Members of CACTUS are continuously providing project support.
  • WISA – "Wake Impact Severity Assessment Flight Simulation for Departures", a SESAR2020 Wave 2 project. CACTUS is main contractor awarded by EUROCONTROL to conduct flight simulation validation activities for Static Pairwise Wake Separations (S-PWS) to characterise the severity of wake turbulence encounters on departures.


Airline Pilot Awareness Training:

  • Classroom lecture with background on airline operations and cockpit crew procedures
  • Supervision of cockpit simulator sessions at EUROCONTROL Experimental Center

Training Course for Future Air Navigation Systems:

  • Air navigation course including RNAV procedures and GBAS/SBAS navigation technology
  • On-site introduction into the GBAS infrastructure at Frankfurt Airport
  • Full-flight simulator demonstration of operational procedures related to RNAV and GBAS approaches.  


Project Management & Consulting